Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

Marching Backward 

I hope you enjoy your visit.  Be sure to check out  iTunesAmazon, Rhapsody or Google Play, and download a couple of cuts.  It would give me quite a charge if you enjoyed the music enough to buy it.  Actually, we just need to pay our web designer! 

The site allows you to view individual song lyrics from 2 CD's while listening to them (in the Song Lyrics section, of course).  The Warren's Musings pages allow a look at what a song is about or what may have prompted me to write it. Wuddya Think? is where you let me know you like what you hear, or you don't like what I wrote etc.

The Buy 'em page is where you go to purchase CD'S or individual songs. There are additional links to Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, Shockhound, Lala, and Napster on that page.  The downloadable album includes 4 songs not included on the Marching Backward CD.

The Media Gallery is where the pictures used on the web site are displayed by John, the expensive web designer.  Click on home after the site has loaded and you will be given a choice to go to there.

Talkin Compensation - The latest CD

Completed the summer of 2012 is Talkin' Compensation. It is the best I've done so far. My wife tells me I say that after every song I've just completed. Give it a listen. Better yet, download it from  ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody,  or Google Play.

Down To Oaxaca - A New Single!

In 2006 Indymedia journalist, Brad Will, was murdered while filming demonstrations by the teachers of Oaxaca, Mexico. Click here, Down To Oaxaca, to see the video. It will be downloadable on itunes, Amazon etc in a few days.  ITunesAmazonRhapsody or Google Play. Under the video is a link to return to (this website).

Thinkers & Harlequins

The Thinkers are quotes I've stolen from the famous and not-so-famous.  Many quotes will be from the famous 20th and 21st century philosopher, Keith Richards.  The language used by Mr. Richards for some of his funnier utterances can't be on this website, so the reader may have to research "The Man of the 20th Century" for him/herself.  As the The Thinkers section grows, you will find more and more selections from Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary.

The Harlequins page is a collection of quotes you may have missed, many from the No Comment page of The Progressive. If you read one of these and your first thought is, "What's the matter with this?" you may be standing a bit too close to Idiot America.

Talkin' Compensation Thanks

To Addie Young, co-author of Barbed Wire Tattoo.
To Darren Bradford, co-author of Porn Star Mustache.
To Joe Alvizo for Saxophone in Rob of the Angels.
To Mark White for art and CD Design.
To Kathy Young for CD Design.

Marching Backward Thanks

To Jack Young for his incredible flute licks on Star Thrower, The Back of the North Wind and Mercy and Truth.
To Calvin Johnson for his unique lead guitar style on The Cat and the Moon Roof.
To Warren Elwin for CD graphic design (are the teabags the coolest thing you've ever seen?).

Thanks to for this fabulous website.