Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

"I'll sell you my soul - Just deal me in"

Double Down

There's only two kinds of people in this world today
Winners and losers and the losers pay
I keep payin'
I've got to keep playin'
Just when I'm rollin I'm on a streak
I lay it all on the line it's gone in one clean sweep

Double Down
Makin me bleed
Double Down
Killin' me

Thirty-two hundred in the hole as we speak
I'm glued to my chair I'm in way too deep
My heart's failin' I can't stop playin
The commotion of winnin' Can I hear it again?
Now somethin's burnin' They're reelin' me in

Double Down
Been in the saddle all day
Double Down
Can't get away

A little more seduction New numbers again
Which one of you tables' gonna be my friend?
Is it some kinda adiction or is it just sin?
A fallen angel himself taken me in
I'm walkin' away if I can only win
I'll sell you my soul Just deal me in

Double down
Killin' me
Double Down
Killin me

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