Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

"If the lemming brigade is marching backward, is the fat man at the front or in the rear?"

Marching Backward

The liars were leading the lemming brigade
Every boor in the lineup had his part to play
They all had their pickets and their piece to say
But the cue cards were all the same

They were marching backward behind a fat man
With their tea bags blowin' in the wind
I said saddle up the lizards, Bill
Here come the harlequins

They hunkered down in the city park
Tea bags blowin' in the wind
Racist and miserly crazy disorderly
So Jesus threw in with them

They were marching backward behind a fat man
Shouting don't let the devil in
Blow him into a paper bag
I said the harlequins are at it again

Shoutin' their venom out
To anyone listenin'
The fat man was runnin' about
With his tea bags in the wind
All the way from San Antone
Tea bags danglin'
You've got a fat man all your own
So why all the travelin'?

One crank arose said it's time to go
But the truth had already been exposed
The lemmings turned around and lo and behold
The fat man had no clothes

The jig was up
For the fat man and his friends
They kept marching on
Marching through thick and thin
Blind disciples marching in scores
With their leader and his sin
Fat man you better go indoors
Your teabags are blowin' in the wind

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