Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

"Close the roof, baby!"?

The Cat and the Moon Roof

It was daybreak that old feral cat 
Was sittin' on your leather seats
The old Tom had been watchin' you
Roll in at a quarter to 3
I said stray cat where you think you're at?
You don't have to look so damn pleased
He said I was kinda tight so I spent the night
In this beautiful Mercury

And your lady won't
She won't close the moon roof in her Grand Marquis
She's actin' like she's 24 but she's closer to 53
Well I'm a Ford cat not a Nissan rat
And I was lookin' for someplace free
And the decor on this '04 is cosmopolitan to me

The desert was brown we was drivin' around
In the sun and the dirt and the heat
I said Honey can't we close the roof now?
It's 110 degrees
But then she hit the button the Merc got rotten
Desecration under my feet
No it wasn't my imagination but Tom's creation
The bouquet not too sweet baby

Won't you close the moon roof
In your Grand Marquis
You're actin' like you're 24
But you're lookin' back at 53
Yea this morning's chat with that alley cat
Made a convert out of me baby
You gotta close the moon roof in your
In your Mercury baby

Won't you close the moon roof
In your Grand Marquis
Jesus might like your freedom
But it's just a little too much for me
Now all our friends and neighbors
Think you're too young for me
O baby cause you
You won't close the moon roof
In your Grand Marquis

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