Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

"Shouldn't a picture ID be required at Heaven's gate? We need it to vote"


A warm night in New Orleans
Queer enchantments and fantasies
A dead man's skull around a splendid lady
Drew me in from the street
In my captivation
Saw the inscription underneath
The illusionist like the old teacher
Knew all was vanity

I saw a man with some strange heroes
They gave him his identity
A dedicated soldier with his talking points
From the central committee
He bought into the hallucination
He joined the weary jubilee
Uncomplicated certainty went along quite nicely
With his vanity

Whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones
The order of the day
Her skull's all that's left
When the vain lady's been stripped away

I saw a man too small to give
I saw a man with too much to believe
He was boasting that he had his ticket punched out
For the final jamboree
I saw him knockin' at Heaven's gate
With his picture ID
The Lord said put it away
It was all vanity

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