Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

"Money Man's Squeezin'
His Green Silver"

Green Silver

Who drives the boys crazy
Like the green silver lady?

Cagey thinkin' hollow souls linkin'
Makin' deals for her
Borin' bleedin' Lucifers seedin'
Diggin' green silver
Users keep usin' losers keep losin'
Working Joe in a stranglehold
Yea Working Joe's wheezin'
Money Man's squeezin'
His green silver

They buy her  they deal her
They stroke her  they steal her
Green silver
They try to please her   tease her
Grease her  seize her
Green Silver

Users keep usin' losers keep losin'
They listen to voices
From down below
They listen to voices
Listen to noises

Green silver's the lady
Who drives the boys crazy
Shes flashy   trashy   hardcore
They smell her   they taste her
They steal her   they waste her
Gotta have her   gotta have some more

Loaded dice rollin'  liquidators trollin'
For green silver
Sleezin' Money Boy leadin'
Workin' Joe bleedin'
In green silver

Connecticut hedger's broken
Down and chokin'
The bubbles bursting
Cant stop the flow
Abusers keep abusin'
Losers keep losin'
Winners do the usin'
It's all gonna blow
Blow.....All gonna blow

She bait you with honey
She make you look funny
She make you old
She make you look haughty
She make you act naughty
She steal your soul

Loaded dice rollin'
Bleedin hands foldin'
Green Silver
Lucifer swayin' green silver payin'
Over and over

Yea roll 'em once roll 'em twice
Just a little bigger slice
Rollin' loaded dice
Got your hand in a vice
And she ain't that nice
For the askin' price
She's green silver
She's green silver
Hardcore green silver
Horrid green silver
Lousy green silver
Lousy green silver

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