Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

"Their episodic philanthropy
Smells like dirty rags to me"

Sweet Justice

It was a gathring to behold
A delegation of the blessed and bold
Supply-side Jesus
Taking names and coats
In the doorway

Justice was tryin' to get inside
Supply-side Jesus said no.....
This ain't your ride
Run along Sweet Justice
Run along and play

Jesus you gotta let me in
With those heavy hitters
And all their friends
I'm Justice baby
I've got something to say

She said charity is necessary
When there's no equality
A couple hundred dollar bills
Never set anyone free
And their episodic philanthropy
Smells like dirty rags to me
And I ain't about their patronage
Their pity generosity or sympathy

I'm Justice
I'm Sweet Justice
Let me in Jesus
I've got more to say

Dear Jesus it seems that you
Turned into the god of the well-to-do
Tonight I saw your face
On a zealot's diamond ring
Is that your Bentley
Parked outside?
What happened to the donkey
You used to ride?
Forgive me dear Jesus
I'm just a little leery
Of your name-it-claim-it
Economic theory

First of all Justice said
Did you sit where they sit?
When you sit where they sit
You hear what they say

Jesus said.....Justice
Jesus said.....Justice
Supply side Jesus said
You better go away

He said.....Justice
Sweet Sweet.....Justice
Jesus said please go away

Jesus said.....Justice
He said He said
Go away Sweet Justice
Don't lay your shame on me
Please go away

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