Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation



I purchased a copy of The Family by Jeff Scarlet to gain an understanding of "The Family" who preach a gospel of "biblical capitalism," military might, and American Empire.  Among other things this fascinating book contains is the account of the strike of Harry Bridges' longshoremen (pages 101 - 108) and the ensuing violence between virtually all of the institutional powers at that time and the strikers.  After the funeral and burial of two union members killed outside the union hall, public opinion was on the side of the strikers.   

After reading Scarlet's account I read as much as I could find about the 1934 labor movement in San Francisco.  An internet search yields much on the subject.  The story was breathtaking to me.  I wanted to write a song about it.  I hope I did OK.

Biblical capitalism? Oh my!  How do we make the jump from Acts 4:32 to capitalism? A free market can be a good thing, but let's not make a religion out of it.

"What ordinary people owe the likes of Harry Bridges and the Brothers of '34 is probably not measureable."

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