Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

Double Down -  Old Friends and Bad Influences


The devil was reeling me in. That's what I pictured when Sergio Fernandez told me he smelled sulphur as I won, and in the end, lost. It wasn't the first time he'd led me astray. Coach Gucciardo warned me to stay away from him when we were 12 years old in Sierra Vista, Az. Later on, Coach Cappola told Serg that I wasn't good for him.  We will soon be 59 and he continues to lead me astray.  We remain friends to this day and even Brian, his son, has become a bad influence on me.  In fact, Double Down should be dedicated to Brian for teaching me how stimulating it can be to lay it all on the line. 

"Double Down - Makin' Me Bleed."

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