Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

Marching Backward - Fat Man Required

I owe this tune to a couple of great books by a couple of cool authors: Idiot America by Charles P Pierce and The Great Derangement by Matt Taibbi.

Pierce actually used the term, marching backward, on page 5 of his introduction. In that context, I imagined people who will believe and act on anything they are told if it comes from the right commentator.  What if that commentator was marching backward with his tea bags blowin' in the wind? Of course they would be loud, obnoxious and white. Of course they would hate the government for frivolously spending our hard-earned money on Medicare and such.

If you are someone who doesn't read complete books, you should at least read Pierce's introduction so you can understand some of what we are up against. Creation Museum in Kentucky is where Pierce met a dinosour wearing an English saddle. Here, I will let the vision rest, other than mentioning Adam and Eve were further inside the museum with their parts we never mention unexposed. I'm sure a few of these paying customers are part of the lemming brigade.

Many in the lemming brigade hail from San Antonio. Chapter three of The Great Derangement, The Three Longest Days of My Life, is hilarious if you have ever gone to a church with a deliverence ministry, but it must seem downright insane if you have never been exposed to it.  Taibbi, belonging to the latter, had my wife and I laughing for weeks.  One of us would remember another morsel from that chapter and we would have to get the book out and read it to each other again.  We saw a few demons cast out of people in the pentecostal church we attended in Iowa 30 years ago, but that church never advanced to handing out paper bags for deliverence participants to capture their coughed-up demons.  San Antonio, I believe a few thousand of your residents have their tea bags blowin' in the wind!

It is estimated that about 28% of us (Americans) will blindly follow authoritarian leaders. It would be interesting to see how many tea baggers will follow the right leader off a cliff.

March on, Lemming Brigade!

"Saddle up the lizards, Bill, here come the harlequins"

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