Marching Backward
Talkin' Compensation

Barbed Wire Tattoo


While driving in Phoenix several years ago with my daughter, Addie, we noticed a rather small-looking fellow driving a shiny, white, pickup. It was very large with dual rear wheels. Maybe it was the size of the truck that made him look so small. Addie, about 20 at the time, remarked that he must be compensating.

About a year ago my wife had a small misunderstanding with a high-ranking man at her work. One of her co-workers remarked than men of that ranking generally have an underlying deficit syndrome. It struck me that it was appropriate at that point to write a song about such a man. The three of us decided to brainstorm for characteristics of a man who may be a bit ashamed of his manhood. Addie had so many ideas that it was only right to name her as co-author. We would have had to settle for a lesser title without her strong input..

Some of the best lines in our song came from a book of old proverbs published in 1902 that my mother gave me. Mom would have been so proud!  

"Big Boast/Small Roast; All Tree and no Fruit"

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